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These documents are designed to help team managers and parents/guardians better understand how to use HTGSports.

Section Description
Introduction This section covers how to login and get started with HTGSports.
My Sports This section contains information about the main 'My Sports' page.
My Players This section contains information about adding, editing, importing, and exporting players
My Documents This section contains information on how to manage and view your documents. This feature is ONLY used for Online Check-In.
My Teams This section lists your teams for your events.
My Kids For parents/guardians, this section lists your kids and what events they are registered for.
Team Detail This section will teach you how to manage your teams and how to manage Online Check-in (OCI).
Payment History & Making Payments This section shows payment history, how to pay a balance, and information on subscription/recurring payments.
FAQs This section contains answers to any frequently asked questions.