# Online Check-ins Tab

Note that Online Check-In is for tournament events ONLY. It will not be used for clinics, camps, or leagues.

If you wish to enable Online-Check In, click the checkbox. Then choose a date to serve as the deadline for completing the OCI. You must include the email address of the OCI administrator. There are 8 different item categories: Official Roster, Travel Permit, Athlete Waivers, Player Passes, Proof of Age, Medical Release, Hotel Reservation and Guest Player Permits. For each item, you can make it 'Required', 'Optional' or 'Not Used'. Check the box for 'Travel Folder' if the item is one you want teams to include in their travel folder. The purpose of requiring an item in the 'Travel Folder' is to have the paperwork handy in case any questions arise during the event. View The Sidebar (team-based event) section to see more about OCI.

Don't forget to save your work when you are completed with all of the tabs.