# Entering Division and Pool Winners

Once a division has completed play you can then go mark which team is the winner and finalist for a division.

  1. Login and then click on ‘Admin’
  2. Locate your program and then click on ‘Manage Divisions’ in the left hand pane. You will then see a list of divisions.
  1. To enter a division/finalist click on the division name (Girls U8). This will bring up the edit division page.

Select the division winner and runner-up and then hit ‘Save’. The public ‘Schedule/Results’ page will now show the two teams:

  1. To enter a pool winner click on the ‘Edit’ link under Pools. This will bring up a list of pools for the division.
  1. Click on the Pool name (e.g. A, B, C) to bring up the Edit Pools dialog.
  1. Select the pool winner and hit 'Save'. The pool winner will be highlighted on the public results page.