# Common Import Errors

The most common errors are those in spelling or typing for team and/or division names. In this case the error message will read “Team not found” or “Bad division”. Even an extra space in the name of a team or division will cause an error. For example, Team A does not match Team A (one has two spaces and the other has one space). An extra space at the end of a team name will cause the same error. To correct the error, simply edit the team name in the import file to match the program setup, or edit the team name in the online system. See section Editing Contact/Team/Player Info for editing team names (View Registrations, View Games, then edit). Don’t forget to save any changes.

Division names must match exactly (although the import program is not case-sensitive, i.e. GIRLS 13B will match Girls 13b). Girls U13/14 Gold does not match Girls U13-14 Gold. For spelling and typing errors, simply edit the import file to match the program setup, or edit the division names in the online system. To edit the division name, in program ‘View Registrations’ select ‘Manage Divisions’ and select the division to be edited. Make the change to the division name and save. At times a “Team not found” error indicates a team that could be assigned to the wrong division. In this case, check the other division assignments. Delete the mis-assigned team from the wrong division and re-assign it to the correct division. For more information see section Managing Divisions. Another common error is “Field not found”. In this case, go to “Manage Fields” and add the field needed. If you use a .csv file for your import, make sure the file does not have extra commas at the end of each line or at the end of the file as these will cause an error also.

After the file has been validated without any errors you are ready to upload the file. You must select the import file and then click on ‘Upload’. At this time the schedule and brackets will be available on the public site.

After uploading, it is a good practice to use the game checker (see the Checker section). Using the game checker allows you to ensure that each division is set up correctly for semis, finals or pool only games. A common error is to have a division that should have semis or finals, but the semis or finals don’t appear on the public schedule. In this case, go into ‘manage divisions’ and check the division format, changing it from ‘pool/league’ to ‘pool/league + finals’ to ‘pool/league + semis + finals’ or ‘pool/league + qtrs + semis + finals’ as needed. The division schedule, when refreshed, should then display properly.