# Recurring Billing

We offer recurring billing, or subscription-based billing. This feature is only enabled when requested; contact us if you are interested in offering recurring billing. If it is enabled for your club, these are the fields you will see.

Label, Description, Club Player Amount, Team Discount, Sibling Discount, Active, Max Reg These fields are used as described in the 'General Tab' document General Tab

Player Amount Here you enter the amount to be paid at time of registration. In this case, a player on Team One who chooses full payment will pay the $2500, plus the $65 convenience fee and total at checkout will be $2565. For a player on Team One who chooses the payment plan, $690 will be collected at time of registration and $625 on each of the following three months. Note the entire convenience fee amount is collected at time of registration, regardless of payment being a full payment or partial payment.

Plan ID HTGSports will assign Plan ID names for each unique plan payment.

# Payments This field dictates the number of payments that will be made after the registration payment. In most cases, this will equal the number in the description box. However, if players join mid-season or other circumstances dictate fewer payments to be collected, this field can be adjusted.

First Bill Date This field is used so synchronize the recurring bill payments for all registrants to start on the same day. With this field left blank, the first recurring payment occurs on the next possible billing date. In our example (1st of the month payments), if someone registers on the 28th he will be charged his first payment on the 1st of the next month. Someone registering on the 2nd would not be charged until the 1st of the following month. To synchronize all players recurring payments, set this first bill date to the date you want first recurring payments to be made.

Is Partial?

Total Amount This field is set to 0.00 for full payments. For subscription payments, set this amount to the total that will be paid by the registrant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On the General Tab, you must deselect the 'Show Add Button'. Subscription-based billing does not support multiple registrations at once.