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Field Slots

The field slots option on the left sidebar allows you to set dates and times for field availability.

Selecting ‘Add’ brings up a screen that allows you to select Field (based on fields added), Date, Start Time (in format HH:MM), number of time slots for that field and slot duration in minutes.

Select the fields you wish to show as available. Then choose a start date and end date to show when they'll be available and check the 'Available' box. Select 'Submit' to finalize these changes or 'Reset' if you'd like to leave the settings as they were before.

The 'Delete All Available Field Slots' field allows you to quickly remove all slots from a field.

This will bring up a text box asking if you want to delete the field slots. Press ‘OK’ to confirm and delete the field slots.

You can also click on the 'Import Field Slots' field on the 'Add Field' page to add multiple field slots at once. This will direct you to the screen below. The file to be imported must follow the format as shown below and must be validated before uploading.