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Rescheduling Games

Once the schedule has been input the main need for rescheduling tournament games will be to reschedule generic semi-final games (e.g. 1st A vs. 1st B, etc.) to actual teams.

For example see the figure below:

We want to reschedule the final game between ‘1st A’ and ‘1st B’. Click on the ‘Reschedule’ link in the right-hand column of the grid. This will bring up the reschedule page.

For example, in this final let’s say that the two teams are ‘KC Select Scream Red’ and ‘Pride Predators 94’. We will select these two teams from the dropdown lists.

At this point you can hit ‘Submit’ and the game will be saved and the online schedule will immediately show the new games. You will then be taken back to the page containing the list of games. League games may be similarly rescheduled due to conflicts, weather cancellations, etc.