# Publish Registration URL

The next step is to publish your registration URL. The registration URL is found on the ‘General’ tab. It’s the link at the top of the editing page, below the name and begins with https://register.htgsports.net.

Provide this link to possible registrants to your program. The link will take them directly to the registration form.

The link below is an example which will take you to a registration page.


You can also “deep link” to a specific option in the drop down with ‘&index=i’. Using a deep link in your registration URL creates a link that will take them directly to a certain team/age group category.

“Deep Link” Example:

Here is a registration URL shown on an event portal. If ‘&index=2’ is added to the end of the URL, making it: https://register.htgsports.net/default.aspx?id=2457&index=2, this link will now directly take you to the second option: 1998 Boys.

Likewise ‘&index=1’ would have taken you directly to the page with the first option, 1997 boys. Adding ‘&index=3’ would link to the 3rd option listed, and so on. The index begins at number 1, and not including a deep link will simply take you to the registration page with no Option selected. Deep-linking is useful for giving more direct and specific links to your users.