# Making Payments

Some member states require payment for guest players forms or travel permits. When payment is required, the user will be taken to a payment page when the form is complete. Likewise, if a member state requires a payment for tournament sanctioning, the tournament director will be taken to a payment page when the tournament sanctioning form is complete. The user can fill in the fields for Name, Card Number, CVV, Expiration Date, and Address and the select 'Pay via Credit Card' to make payment. If payment by check is an option, you will see that option on your payment page:

Payment status on Travel Permits or Tournament Sanctioning will be shown on those pages. Status can be 'Not Paid', 'Online Payment Received', 'Check Sent' or 'Check Received'. If status is 'Not Paid', the user can click on that 'Not Paid' link to access the payment screen.